RSSB Air Quality Strategy Framework – Webinar

RSSB Air Quality Strategy Framework – Webinar



13 August 2020 11.00am | Webinar


Join James Wright, Lead Air Quality Specialist at the RSSB for a members-only webinar on the new Air Quality Strategy Framework.

This document sets the future path for rail to significantly reduce harmful pollutant emissions that could affect staff, passengers and the general public. Underpinned by a collaborative research programme, the framework will ensure that rail remains as one of the cleanest forms of transport in the UK.

The Rail Freight Group has been pleased to be involved in the timely development of this new strategic framework to help the sector improve air quality. This will give rail freight customers confidence in choosing a mode of transport which not only takes lorries off the roads and out of the hearts of communities but is serious about further improving its own air quality.

This webinar will cover:

– The work being done to improve our knowledge of freight’s impact on air quality
– What we have learned so far
– Next steps for the industry

Please note you cannot attend if you are not a Rail Freight Group member.

Register in advance for this webinar here.

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