Innovation Webinar III: Modelling, terminal control and driver advisory systems

Innovation Webinar III: Modelling, terminal control and driver advisory systems



9am – 10am | Tuesday 23 November 2021

RFG’s third Innovation webinar will include presentations by Tracsis on how it is improving operational modelling, Fenix Rail Systems will introduce its Tie-FenLock control solution and Ketech on how real-time data feeds are taking Driver Advisory Systems to a new level.

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Fergus Curran will explain how Tracsis is improving operational modelling for the rail freight sector, including:

  • Power modelling for push toward decarbonisation
  • Modelling driver behaviour and load variance
  • Aerodynamics to reduce energy usage.

Craig Purcell from Fenix Rail Systems will be presenting its innovative cost-effective control system solution, Tie-FenLock train control. This transforms freight terminal and train depots operability by increasing the efficiency of train movements in facilities and optimising time to complete busy schedules by removing manual processes. This allows for maximum flexibility, operational safety and will achieve cost savings.

Paul Warren of KeTech will explain how the company has taken Driver Advisory Systems to a new level by enabling them with real-time data feeds. He will explain:

  • How significant reductions in fuel usage (of up to 20%) can be realised by providing ‘gold standard’ driving advice for every journey, even if it changes.
  • How some current and very manual tasks can be automated, such as adhering to temporary and emergency speed limits on routes.
  • Speeding up and improving future planning decisions by using a ‘digital twin’ of historical logged journey data for further statistical analysis.
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