02 September 2015

RFG - Rail Freight Group

2015 RFG Awards Dinner

The 2015 RFG Awards Dinner will be held on 8th September 2015 at Shendish Manor in Hertfordshire. We are delighted that Tim Shoveller, Chairman of the Railway Benefit Fund will be our guest speaker at the dinner.  

2015 AGM and Annual Policy Meeting

This year's RFG Annual Policy Meeting takes place on the morning of 9th September 2015 at Shendish Manor in Herfordshire.  

RFG's five-point plan

RFG's five-point plan to the future success of rail freight

RFG has published its five-point plan for the ongoing success of the UK rail freight sector

RFG Sponsor Partners 2015

We are delighted to announce our Sponsor Partners for 2015. The support of our Sponsor Partners is vital to our work, and our events programme. We look forward to working with them all.


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